Smart 80 BARF Dry Dog Food Barf Lamb

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Weight: 500 gr.
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Dog food made from 80% lamb, 20% fruit, vegetables, oil, herbs without additives, grain-free, gluten-free, soy-free.

Complete dry BARF food delicately air-dried.

Biologically species-appropriate dog food. It contains all nutrients such as proteins, fats, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals in natural form and in the optimal composition that our dogs need every day.

Thanks to its ingredients from carefully selected natural food-grade products, it is suitable for all dog breeds, including dogs with sensitive digestive systems and energetic and active dogs.

Naturalis BARF dog food is rich in antioxidants, a hypoallergenic dog food with all the essential nutrients for your dog's overall healthy diet.

All raw materials are approved and come from traceable sources.

Lamb is particularly suitable for dogs with sensitive digestion and allergies.

Experience has shown that lamb is particularly suitable for allergic dogs and dogs with a sensitive digestive system.

Naturalis Smart 80 Dry Barf Lamb contains only one protein source of animal origin (Lamb). This way you can easily rule out compatibility or intolerance of certain protein sources.

Composition & Ingredients

Lamb meat 25%, lamb heart 24%, lamb lung (including trachea with cartilage) 17%, lamb tripe 14%, carrot 3%, apple 3%, pear 3%, egg 2%, pumpkin 1%, pineapple 1%, iceberg lettuce 1%, broccoli 1%, walnut 1%, papaya 0.80%, parsley 0.50%, salmon oil 0.50%, seaweed meal 0.50%, olive oil 0.40%, rose hip 0.30% , coconut 0.30%, pumpkin seeds 0.20%, black cumin 0.10%, spirulina 0.10%, hemp seed 0.10%, garlic 0.10%, turmeric 0.10%

Vitamins and Minerals

The ingredients used in the preparation (meat, fruit,
vegetables, nuts and seeds) contain natural vitamins and minerals that
they are preserved by our gentle air drying.

Through our calculations and investigations, we know of
what quantities of vitamins, minerals and trace elements does a dog need
to cover daily needs.

These important substances are all present in quantity
sufficient in our natural foods and complement each other perfectly

Natural vitamins and minerals have the best bioavailability
for the body, which is why our Barf dry dog ​​food has only
a natural supply of vitamins and minerals WITHOUT artificial additives.

Analysis values

Crude protein: 46.4%, crude fat: 31%, crude ash: 10.52%, residual moisture: 2.3%
420 kcal per 100 g, 1757 kJ per 100 g

Production process

Thanks to the delicate Naturalis production process, i
nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements of
high-quality combination of fresh meat, offal, fruit,
vegetables and oils are optimally preserved. Naturalis does not use plant by-products, animal meals, fillers, artificial vitamin additives, preservatives.

During the manufacturing process of Naturalis, they are not there
high temperatures, for example through extrusion, which could
cause nutrient destruction.

Microbiological risks in dry barf dog food are eliminated by the Naturalis manufacturing process.

Knowledge and experience

By evaluating current global research on dog health, we have perfected our "Smart Barf" recipe.

In Naturalis BARF dog food we combine the best nutrients in the ideal ratio.

In this way we have developed a practical food (dry food is
easy to handle and can be stored for a long time), tasty, healthy and
revolutionary in its quality for your dog.

Our dog food "Smart Barf" differs from all
barf known and from the standard dry food as dry food and was
developed by the company "Naturalis Barf" in Europe.

Weight: 500 gr.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Annamaria Bagullo

Che dire, attualmente non c'è un mangime per cane meglio di questo.... supera di molto i migliori marchi del pet food, inoltre questo è senza conservanti ed naturale ed è essiccato ad aria, così tutti i nutrienti e le vitamine rimangono nel cibo stesso e non vengono modificati dalle altre cotture.. unica pecca rimangono un odore un po' forte se si tengono in casa

Stefania Pilato

Smart 80 BARF Cibo Secco per Cani Barf Agnello

Sandra Cavallini

I miei cani ripuliscono tutta la ciottola molto soddisfatti mi trovo bene comoda da preparare solo 10 minuti di ammollo ed è pronta

Barbara Del Viva
Prodotto ottimo

Apprezzato dai miei cani molto buono

Sabrinaluca Latorraca
La nuova pappa!

Sono davvero soddisfatta, sono venti giorni che Luna la sta mangiando e i primi risultati si vedono, feci ben formate e più compatte, l'alito è notevolmente migliorato, forse ha pure perso un 1 kg. (non avendola ancora pesata non ne sono sicura), speriamo ne perda comunque un altro, così il peso sarà perfetto.

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Certain! Naturalis Barf is formulated to be suitable for dogs of all breeds and all ages. Thanks to our natural formula, free of gluten and additives, they are also perfect for those furry friends with delicate stomachs.
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If your friend is an athlete, you might consider adding a little extra fat to their diet. Chicken wings or necks, yogurt and coconut oil can be great supplements.