80% Meat

Naturalis Barf is made up of 80% highly selected meat, fish, offal and bones

20% Fruit and Vegetables

Naturalis Barf is enriched with 20% first choice fruit, vegetables and medicinal herbs

0% Soy, Cereals, Potatoes and Chemical Additives

Thanks to its special recipe Naturalis Barf is naturally free of soy, cereals, potatoes and chemical additives

Gently dried at 45°

Naturalis Barf is delicately dried in sterile rooms to preserve the nutritional principles

Industrial croquettes: a bitter pill

The Dangers of industrial food

Industrial food, mainly represented by cold-pressed or extruded kibble, has long been promoted as a convenient solution for dog owners. However, many studies highlight various problems associated with this diet

❌ Low Meat Percentages:

The high content of grains and other fillers reduces the percentage of meat, which should be the main ingredient in a dog's diet.

❌ They contain Cereals, Soya and Potatoes

These ingredients are not natural in a carnivorous dog's diet and can contribute to digestive problems and allergies.

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❌ Tolerability and Digestive Problems

Many industrial diets are generically formulated and may not be balanced or complete for each dog's specific needs

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❌ Ultra-processed ingredients

Unlike natural diets, processed foods often contain heavily processed and refined ingredients that can be less nutritious and more difficult for your furry friend to digest.

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❌ Quality Variability

The huge variety of products in the industrial dog food market reflects considerable variation in quality. The financial resources invested in production, research and marketing vary significantly between different companies, potentially negatively impacting the quality and healthiness of the food provided to your dog

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❌ Resistance to Antibiotics:

Some international brand dog foods have been revealed as vehicles of clinically relevant enterococci resistant to last-resort antibiotics, positioning pet food as a major source of spread of antibiotic resistance

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Naturalis Barf: the best of nature, directly in the bowl

Naturalis Barf is a complete diet for dogs based on raw food. With 80% fresh meat or fish , 20% fruit, vegetables and medicinal herbs and 0% cereals , gluten and artificial preservatives , Naturalis Barf provides all the essential nutrients for a healthy diet . It is easy to prepare, suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes, with numerous health benefits, such as soft fur , improved digestion and increased energy.

Pure, healthy and uncompromising.

Feed your four-legged friend as it deserves!

Naturalis Barf is a symphony of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals in their most natural form.

Its superior composition with 80% fresh meat or fish and a balanced 20% of fruit and vegetables makes every meal a nutritious experience. By excluding additives, wheat, grains and gluten, we prioritize purity and well-being

🐾 80% meat : an unparalleled content in
world of feed
🐾 20% first choice fruit, vegetables and medicinal herbs
🐾 0% cereals, soy, gluten, potatoes and chemical additives : just pure natural goodness.
🐾 Natural antioxidants : for a strong and resistant immune system.
🐾 Gently dried at 45 degrees to preserve every nutritional principle.
🐾 Technological innovation : the only dehydrated BARF food on the market.
🐾 Quality ingredients , clearly listed on the label with all their %.
🐾 Well tolerated and loved : healthy and tasty

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Natural nutrition for your happy dog

A genuine, balanced and irresistible meal.

Designed for dogs of any breed , this formula is approved by veterinary nutritionists . The ingredients? Pure and sincere, without cereals or soy, but with a richness of flavors that conquers.

🦴 Complete and balanced : provides proteins, fats,
vitamins and minerals in their natural form.
🦴 Suitable for every dog : from small to large breeds, perfect even for the most sensitive ones.
🦴 Recommended by vets : a comfortable alternative to the classic BARF.
🦴 Created in collaboration with veterinary experts and breeders.
🦴 Freshness and authenticity : raw and fresh ingredients in every piece.
🦴 Maximum yield : corresponds to 4 times a comparable wet food.
🦴 Quality and convenience : a perfect balance for your wallet and your dog's palate.

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Natural and Complete Nutrition

Revolutionize your dog's diet with Naturalis Barf

The healthy, tasty and convenient diet for your faithful companion.

Gently dried at 45 degrees

Drying at 45 degrees in special sterile rooms preserves all the nutrients intact

Unique composition

Naturalis Barf dehydrates barf is the only dog ​​food on the market with 80% meat

Practical for travel

Naturalis Barf is ready to use: no more food in the refrigerators!

Only fresh ingredients

All Naturalis Barf ingredients are fresh and selected to offer the best possible quality

Our dehydrated BARF offers incredible benefits: you will notice shiny and soft fur , a visibly healthier and happier dog.

Forget about hard-to-digest foods: Naturalis Barf is easy to digest and keeps your dog energetic and agile .
And if you're looking for convenience, it's quick to prepare and perfect to transport .

Your furry friend will be satisfied and in excellent shape while you save time and money.

🐶 Radiant Fur : Softer, shinier and shinier than ever.
🐶 Ease of digestion
: Goodbye to heavy meals.
🐶Visible well-being : A healthier, happier and fitter dog.
🐶 Pure energy : Agility and energy with every jump and run.
🐶Odor and health : Odor reduction and optimal defecation.
🐶Unique practicality : Quick to prepare and simple to transport.
🐶Tasty reward : Ideal as a treat for training or reward, and thanks to its dehydration, it does not attract ants and insects when left on the ground.
🐶Prolonged satiety : Eat less, but feel full for longer.
🐶Excellent value for money : Save time and money.

The food is made up of 80% meat and 20% fruit & vegetables , offering balanced nutrition without additives, wheat, cereals or gluten. This purity in composition is essential to ensure the health and well-being of the animal.

Thanks to this diet, the dog will have softer, shinier and shinier fur , and will be healthier, happier, energetic and agile . These are clear indicators of well-being and a balanced diet.

Dehydrated BARF is easy to digest , quick to prepare , and easy to transport . This combination of factors makes it not only ideal for the dog's health, but also extremely convenient for owners.

The food is so nutritious that the dog eats less but feels full for longer , therefore representing a saving both in terms of quantity and costs. Furthermore, the fact that the dog eats less but feels satisfied is also a sign of a high-quality food.

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Healthy Food, Happy Queue
Healthy Food, Happy Queue
Healthy Food, Happy Queue

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Certain! Naturalis Barf is formulated to be suitable for dogs of all breeds and all ages. Thanks to our natural formula, free of gluten and additives, they are also perfect for those furry friends with delicate stomachs.
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If your friend is an athlete, you might consider adding a little extra fat to their diet. Chicken wings or necks, yogurt and coconut oil can be great supplements.