80% Meat

Naturalis Barf is made up of 80% highly selected meat, fish, offal and bones

20% Fruit and Vegetables

Naturalis Barf is enriched with 20% first choice fruit, vegetables and medicinal herbs

0% Soy, Cereals, Potatoes and Chemical Additives

Thanks to its special recipe Naturalis Barf is naturally free of soy, cereals, potatoes and chemical additives

Gently dried at 45°

Naturalis Barf is delicately dried in sterile rooms to preserve the nutritional principles

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The secret to extraordinary canine health and a happy life

With 80% pure meat and 20% essential fruits and vegetables, dehydrated barf offers the best of the BARF diet in a simple, convenient format. By eliminating the need for refrigeration storage and the bulk of fresh foods, dehydrated barf retains all the essential nutritional benefits in a long-lasting product.

The key to the success of dehydrated barf lies in its production. By depriving the ingredients of water through a delicate process, every single nutrient is preserved, guaranteeing a complete meal with every spoonful. Without additives, grains, gluten or other unwanted substances, dehydrated barf is the ideal food choice for every dog, regardless of breed or age.

Start your dog's nutritional journey with our selection of dehydrated barf . Discover the difference that a truly balanced meal can make in the life of your four-legged friend. Because, after all, your dog's well-being starts with his bowl. 🐾