Payment methods

Paga come preferisci! Naturalis offre una serie di metodi di pagamento sicuri e convenienti, per rendere il tuo shopping online semplice e senza pensieri.

Payment methods


Use your PayPal account for a quick "guau-guau" at checkout.

With PayPal, your details remain safe behind the armored doors of their cutting-edge technologies. It's like having a digital dog house for your payments!

Would you like to know more? Visit or ask us your questions!

Credit card

Enter your card details directly into SHOPIFY PAYMENTS. Whenever you "play" with your card on our site, you are under the protection of SHOPIFY PAYMENTS. Yes, it's like a walk in the park!

Bank transfer

Make your purchase by sending a bank transfer to our account. We will guide you through every step, and as soon as your bank transfer arrives at our park (checking account), we will prepare the package for your puppy!


The courier will drop by you like a furry friend waiting for a ball.
You can pay directly to him - remember, cash only!

And if your expense is a "big bone", there is a limit of 1,000.0 euros.

Oh, and there's a small handling charge of 5 euros, but think of it as a small treat for the service!

Healthy Food, Happy Queue
Healthy Food, Happy Queue
Healthy Food, Happy Queue